Eco Freindly Octopus PotsEco Freindly Octopus PotsCatch your own Octopus like the pros.

Have you always wanted to catch tasty Australian octopus like the professionals?

Well now you can thanks to Octopus Technologies Pty Ltd. After years of research and development we have invented a cost-effective and eco-friendly octopus trap that is 30% more successful than the traditional shelter pots currently used by commercial octopus fishermen.

Our pots are designed for both commercial and recreational use. Yes recreational! The Fisheries Department of Western Australia now allows recreational fisherman to fish for octopus. You as a recreational fisherman are now entitled to own and operate up to 3 traps per person. So now you can catch and cook your own octopus.

Have a look through our website and you will see why Octopus Technology's eco-friendly octopus traps are well worth the purchase. Our traps and accessories are all available to be purchased online and shipped right to your door.

Hurry - your next meal of tasty octopus is just a cast away.

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Catch your own Octopus